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Beef cattle virtual field day nears

Healthier Cattle, Healthier Bottom Line Livestock Virtual Field Day will take place online Nov. 17, 2021 at 1 p.m. Online, via Zoom. To register for this free online event, click here.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Oklahoma State University will discuss their findings on bovine respiratory disease, anaplasmosis, and more.

Topics covered include:

• Bovine respiratory microbiome and bovine respiratory disease
• Using technology to improve spring and fall breeding efficiency in the fescue belt
• Anaplasmosis in beef cattle
• Influence of prenatal exposure to toxic fescue on health and performance of weaned beef calves
• Beef Cattle Market Outlook: Profitability Drivers and Marketing Opportunities
• Is Summer Supplementation of Stocker Calves Cost Effective?

Questions? Contact Donald S. Hubbell at 870-793-7432 or dhubbell@uark.edu

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