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A Time for Mercy by John Grisham

Book Review by T. E. Hill

John Grisham, famous author, has written over 25 books, most of them telling the stories of lawyers and their episodes in court.  His latest, A Time For Mercy, is the third story of Jake Brigance, a small time lawyer in rural northern Mississippi.  Jake unwillingly takes the case of a young man accused of murdering a local deputy even though his friends and neighbors are calling for the gas chamber.  Jake is also leading a wrongful death suit against a large corporation that he is depending on for his next pay day.  As both cases progress and Jake gets into more trouble, you wonder how he’ll ever make it.

I am certain that if you asked me if I wanted to read about lawyers talking to clients, judges, and clerks I would tell you no.  Very little, it seems to me, would be more dry than the minor details argued and negotiated within a law office.  Grisham, however, is a master at making those details come to life. 

A Time For Mercy kept me riveted and reading way into the night.  I sometimes wondered how the lawyer, Jake Brigance, could be so good sometimes and then make the dumbest mistakes.  I was also struck by the similarities between this book and previous books.  But, with Grisham telling the tale, I enjoyed it all.  I liked this book and recommend it.

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