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2021 Miss Pioneer Day Pageant results

Baby Miss:

  • Winner- Ryleigh Darnell
  • 1st runner up- Clare Cooper
  • 2nd runner up- Ellie Ray Brooks
  • Photogenic- Clare Cooper

Baby Mister

  • Winner- Tolley Cole
  • 1st runner up- Tyce Womack
  • 2nd runner up- Ryatt Skidmore
  • Photogenic- Jesse Snider

Tiny Miss

  • Winner- Lucy Mae Linn
  • 1st runner up- Renlee Kate Jackson
  • 2nd runner up- Timber Kay Doyle
  • Photogenic- Paislee Lawyer

Tiny Mister

  • Winner- Waylon Behe
  • 1st runner up- Sawyer Stigal
  • 2nd runner up- Elijah Marklie
  • Photogenic- Sawyer Stigal

Little Miss

  • Winner- Athea Jones
  • 1st runner up- Maddy Hunt
  • 2nd runner up- Paulson Kever
  • Photogenic- Oaklyn Doyle

Petite Miss

  • Winner- Emma Jones
  • 1st runner up- Marlie Rush
  • 2nd runner up- Peyton Christy
  • 3rd runner up- Brileigh Marlin
  • Photogenic- Charlotte Treat
Emma Jones, 2021 Petite Miss Pioneer Day
Daughter of Chad & Bailey Everett

Young Miss

  • Winner – Audrey Cone
  • 1st runner up- Novalie Cooley
  • 2nd runner up- Kayden Dale
  • Photogenic- Kayden Dale

Junior Miss

  • Winner- Emma Miller
  • 1st runner up- Matti Beth Skelton
  • 2nd runner up- Kyrsten Scarbro
  • Photogenic- Katie Fish

Queen Miss Pioneer Day

  • Winner- Hallie Weaver
  • 1st runner up- Elle Edwards
  • 2nd runner up – Kaylee Dennis
  • Photogenic- Elle Edwards
Hallie Weaver, 2021 Queen Miss Pioneer Day

“Thank you everyone who came out to support all the contestants! We had a great turn out. Reminder that all the winners are required to ride in the parade,” wrote Tara Conway, pageant director. “The Queen Miss has to make an appearance at the rodeo Friday and Saturday night! All contestants are encouraged to ride in the parade!!”

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