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1st Choice Healthcare Donates to Highland Schools’ Prevention of Underage Alcohol and Drug Use Programs

Recently, 1st Choice Healthcare donated brochures, water bottles, t-shirts, gift cards, and a pallet of water to the Highland School District. 1st Choice Healthcare secured funding for the donation through a grant from MidSouth and UALR to help promote the prevention of underage alcohol and drug use.

“We wanted to spend the money on something that would help the school and the students out, and we know the water fountains have all been turned off,” said Sandra Green, CNO of 1st Choice Healthcare.

According to Kasey Carter, Highland’s Director of Public Relations, the water fountains were turned off before school began to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have been replaced with bottle filling stations. “We provided students with water bottles at the beginning of the year, but several students have lost or broken theirs. These water bottles will be immediately put to good use,” she added.   Green added she hoped the school would find these items useful and create a fun diversion during these unprecedented times.

Carter said the pallet of donated water will be utilized by the athletics program, and other donated items will be dispersed throughout the middle school.

Curtis Hogan, Community Development Coordinator, of 1st Choice Healthcare presented the donation.

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