Following the severe storms, tornadoes and straight-line winds that rolled through the area May 26, efforts to restore power continue.
Approximately 4,700 North Arkansas Electric Cooperative (NAEC) members remain without power as of 5 p.m. May 27.
According to Tori Moss, Communications director for NAEC, the company now anticipates outage restoration work to continue into the weekend in the harder hit areas.
“Personnel are working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily until service is restored to all members. Thirty more line-personnel from fellow electric cooperatives will arrive by Tuesday. In all, 100 co-op line personnel – both from Arkansas and other states – will be helping NAEC employees and right-of-way contractors with the restoration,” Moss said. ” The Mountain Home district has 4,400 members without power. The majority of crews are focusing on Highway 5 South out of Mountain Home, which includes Briarcliff, Salesville and Norfork. Crews also are working in Buford, Buffalo City, Shady Grove and Lakeview with individual servicemen working in Village Green, Mallard Point and Robinson Point.”
Moss noted Salem district has 510 members without power and the Ash Flat district has 270 who remain without power.
 “The Salem district has 510 members without power. The majority of crews are focusing on the Hand Cove area. Approximately 40 poles were broken. We estimate work should be completed in that area by Friday. Crews should finish working in Elizabeth, Salem and Fairview by Monday night,” Moss said. ” The Ash Flat district has 270 members without power. The majority of crews are focusing on the Ozark Acres and Wirth areas. We estimate work should be finished in those areas by Tuesday night. Crews should finish work in Cherokee Village by Monday night.”

According to Matt Faries with Entergy on May 26, line crews work continues in Cherokee Village.

“For Cherokee Village. We had about 2,500 customers out of power at the start of the day. We are down to 550,” Faries said. “Our expectation is to have most customers restored by the end of the day tomorrow. You may not see them at your house but we have about 40 people working as part of the restoration efforts and we will be adding to that until all customers have power restored.”

As of May 28, according to Entergy’s outage map, the number of members without power in Cherokee Village is now below 50 members effected.

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