A woman in Fulton County is facing the charge of aggravated assault after an incident involving a firearm at a birthday party.
According to the affidavit for warrant of arrest for 67-year-old Delores Jones, authorities were called to a residence on Hwy 289 north after Jones allegedly went to a birthday party near her residence to complain the noise was bothering her dogs.
When Jones arrived, she allegedly pointed a firearm at several people including children and began pulling the trigger repeatedly causing the hammer to strike the firing pin on an empty chamber.
“It was later discovered the firearm had three live rounds in the magazine,” the affidavit said.
According to witnesses, Jones pulled up and parked near a tree and proceeded to reach over and hold something up.
Initially, witnesses thought Jones was taking photographs, but soon realised the clicking sound was Jones pulling the trigger on a firarm aming where children would be in the line of fire.
When confronted, jones sped off nearly hitting a child in the process.
One witness went to check on Jones to see if sometihng was wrong and was advised by her husband to take a photo because Jones was still in possession of the firarm.
At that time, Jones reportedly asked the witness if she’d like for her to pose (for the photo) and then proceeded to point the firearm at the witnesses husband while smiling.
As a result, Jones is charged with aggravated assault, a class D felony. Her bond was set at $10,000.
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