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Viola Tennis Debut

Viola students competed for the first time in AAA sanctioned tennis singles and doubles matches at the end of August. They did a fantastic job, winning 6 of 9 matches!

Here are the results:

Girls Doubles:

Audrie Bridges/Baylee Painter v. Westside Loss 1-6

Audrie Bridges/Baylee Painter v. Mtn. View Win 6-1

Kacey Herring/Cheyenne Hallmark v. Westside Loss 1-6

Girls Singles:

Aubrey May v. Westside Win 6-2

Aubrey May v. Mtn. View Win 6-2

Kacey Herring v. Mtn View Win 6-2

Boys Singles:

Gabriel Baird v. Westside Win 6-2

Gabriel Baird v. Mtn View Loss 3-6

Gabriel Baird v. Mtn View Win 6-1

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