Horses and Heroes Transcend [HHA] welcomes Veterans to ride with them in the Pioneer Day Parade, either on horseback or on HHA’s flatbed float. The important thing is to come join other Veterans for some fun and relaxation!

“We welcome our supporters to join us on horseback to show support and bring awareness to the Veteran Community in Izard County. For those who need a horse reach out quick to Johnny and we will make arrangements! It will be a full day of fun from the parade, to vendors, a car show, and a rodeo!” HHA’s event description explains.


“We are just putting a call out to our local Veterans letting them know we will be riding as a group together on horseback in the upcoming Pioneer Day Parade. Many of our supporters are also equine enthusiasts and we welcome them to join the herd and show their support for our local veterans,” HHA staff wrote.

“We are going to meet at Ozarka College and ride the approximately 1/2 mile to the parade start from there. All participants who sign-in will receive a free sticker for their participation to show their support of NCA Veterans.”

“Non-horse options are available for those who don’t ride. “We also have a flatbed truck/float for those wanting to put their creative energy to work. Veterans who are unable to ride will have an opportunity to ride on the float. We welcome all area veterans support groups to join us in closing out the parade with a big Red, White, and Blue finale.”

“The parade starts at 10:00 a.m. We will meet at the college at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, May 1st.”

The vision of Horses & Heroes Transcend (HHT) is Veterans/FR working together full circle as Participants, Volunteers, and Mentors with HHT Staff in a Therapeutic Horseback Riding environment enabling them to live healthy and meaningful lives.

Also, keep your Memorial Day weekend open. Hallmark Times will have more when details are available.

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