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Redneck Potato Pie

by Lauren Siebert

I keep seeing families ask for ways to make meals stretch. So, this feeds 6+ and I’m ballparking the prices but I know I’m close. You can make this for around $10.


1 regular can of corn and 1 regular can of green beans (I buy “off brand”) so that’s about $1.50

A smaller pack of ground beef about a pound or pound and a half was about $5

2 c shredded cheese -$1.89

2 bags Idahoan instant potatoes (I like garlic, you can use real potatoes but I didn’t). $2.

So for close to $10 you can make this.


Take a baking pan (about 9 x 11), drain the canned veggies, pour them in the pan and mix them up.

Cook your ground beef, drain it, season and spread it over the veggies.

Make the potatoes according to the directions and then pour ’em over the meat and veggies, spread evenly and then put however much cheese you want across the top.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the cheese is melted as you like. Once the cheese is melted the food is ready.

Now I didn’t use all the ground beef in the pack and will use leftover ground beef for spaghetti. I didn’t use all 2 cups of cheese so that’ll go on a salad or something. This made quite a bit of food. It fed 6, and I had leftover for work. It’s typically called Shepard’s pie, but I’ve decided it’s more like a Redneck Potato Pie.

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