North Arkansas Electric Cooperative has been notified that its regional transmission system operator Midcontinent Independent System Operator likely could mandate that the co-op begin rolling temporary outages. The earliest these outages could be required of NAEC would be 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17. NAEC has been told that any outage that occurs would last for one hour.The first members in NAEC’s territory that would be affected if the co-op is required to shed load are those served by the Three Brothers Substation (Oakland and Promise Land areas) and Salem 2 Substation (Salem, West Sturkie, Glencoe and Wheeling areas). If the emergency condition lasts throughout the night, NAEC may be required to take temporary outages in other areas of the system. NAEC has no control over this process and would receive little notice if more outages are necessary. The co-op will attempt to notify affected members through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and local media if more temporary outages are necessary. MISO is an independent organization that operates the bulk power transmission system across 15 states from Louisiana to Minnesota and Canadian province of Manitoba.

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