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Motions and orders filed on behalf of defendants in Stansbury murder

A series of motions and orders have been filed in the case regarding the murder of Davidlee Stansbury, 19 of Salem.

On Oct. 22, motions were filed by representation for both Jacoby Goehler and Travis Barker.

Goehler, who is accused of shooting Stansbury several times and later attempting to escape from jail is facing multiple charges including murder in the first degree and escape in the first degree.

Orders for Goehler to undergo fitness to proceed and criminal responsibility exams have been placed.

Motions were filed on behalf of Barker by his representation, attorney Michael Kiel 
Kaiser of Lassiter & Cassinelli, including motion to suppress custodial statements, motion to suppress cellphone warrant and a motion to exclude certain portions of Barker’s May 21 custodial statement as irrelevant and overly prejudicial.

In the motions, Barker’s attorney states Barker was illegally detained and “Barker’s statements were induced by false promises of leniency, and were thus involuntary.” 

The motions further state “the search warrant was issued based on an affidavit that was insufficient as a matter of law” regarding the cellphone.

Barker is also facing a charge of murder in the first degree.

Jennifer Bowman-Harnden, the mother of Goehler who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree was released on bond earlier this year in August.

A jury trial is slated for January of 2022.

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Lauren Siebert
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