submitted by Mary Kocz, SRGMC program chair.
           Surprising:  The Earth’s original atmosphere lacked oxygen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          How did the Earth’s atmosphere form?   No one knows of any other planet that can do this simple thing.  None of them can support life as we know it.  How did Earth get to be so special?

          How have scientists identified the earliest signs of life on Earth ?  The origin of life?

          Damon Bassett, PhD, will answer those questions and more in his presentation “Life in the Past- The Evolution of the Earth” at the Spring River Gem & Mineral Club meeting  10AM July 5, Thunderbird Center, 62 N. Lakeshore Rd, Cherokee Village.

           Bassett will present the general history of the evolution of life on Earth, with a particular focus on the evolution of the early atmosphere of Earth.  This will include a discussion of that which produced the majority of oxygen in our atmosphere.  He will explain that the atmosphere which life depended on was created by itself.

          Bassett is a senior member of geology and paleontology in the School of Earth, Environment and Sustainability at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.  While his position is primarily teaching faculty, he has used oxygen isotope geochemistry to better understand the oceans that once covered North American Mississippian trace fossils.  He has served as President of the Association of Missouri Geologists, and is currently finishing a term as President of the Missouri Academy of Science.

         The Spring River Gem & Mineral Club is the oldest and largest club in our area.  The mission of the SRGMC is to increase our interest and understanding in the world around us.   All programs are power point presentations given by experts in their fields.

        The meeting is free and open to the public.   We invite everyone to support the SRGMC mission  by joining,.  Dues are $15 for a single person; $25 for a family.  SRGMC gives an honorarium to speakers to help pay for expenses.  There is a picnic and Christmas party each year.  SRGMC is a member of the South Central Federation of Mineralogical Societies; membership requires we pay  dues and insurance fees.  .

     For further info call/text 870.847.3109     

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