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Kindness Rock Painting Event April 22

Cherokee Village Rocks #chervillrocks will have a rock painting get together on Thursday, April 22, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the area in front of the Spring River Innovation Hub just down from the Cherokee Village Post Office in Cherokee Village’s Town Center. It’s an outside event.

Come paint Kindness Rocks with us! All ages welcome! Skill level is not important just come meet fellow rockers and have some fun. We can learn from each other!

Why Paint Rocks?
After the rocks are painted, dried and sealed you go hide them for others to find. They can have inspirational messages or pictures that bring a smile to the finder. Then, finders can upload a picture of their treasure to Facebook so you can see your rock travel around the world!

If you have supplies, please bring them. If you want to try rock painting before investing in supplies, supplies will be shared with you for this event.

Please bring:

  • a folding chair. (A table will be provided.)
  • a rock or two that you would like to paint (a 2-3 inch diameter is a good size)
  • spray primer
  • acrylic paint or if you’d rather acrylic paint pens
  • small brushes
  • plastic cup for rinse water
  • your imagination¬†

Hopefully this will become a regular monthly activity for Cherokee Village Rocks, but if you get addicted to rock painting that won’t be enough! Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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