The Izard County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from citizens saying they had received a call and when they answered they heard a female screaming. Eventually a male has come on the phone and saying they were with the daughter of the person of whom they had called. The male said the female had an accident and was needing help. One citizen said the male told them not to call 911. The females referenced in these phone calls are alright and had not been in an accident of any kind.

This is a scam. It is believed the caller is trying to gain personal information from the people they are calling to use fraudulently. If you receive a call like this, do not give any information to the caller. Call whoever they say has been in an accident on their own phone to check on them.

As always, if you have received a call like this or you cannot get in touch with the person the caller said was in an accident, you can call the Izard County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

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