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Izard County Office of Emergency Management message

Hope everyone is having a safe and WARM day! The snow is on the ground and the bitter cold has a firm grasp on us! At the time of this post I’m showing 3 degrees outside!!!

I spoke to County Judge Eric Smith this morning and he advised that the road crews are out trying to get the PAVED county roads passable. I also spoke to ARDOT who informed that they have been out and are doing what they can to make main roads passable.

I’ve seen posts showing local law enforcement and state police out helping where they can. While it’s good to know that our local resources are out helping and doing their part, it’s still STRONGLY encouraged that you stay home and go out only if it’s ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY!

If you have to get out, please remember to pack extra warm gear, some extra fuel with you and perhaps let somebody know that your leaving out. Tell them your schedule, your route and your expected time to be home, because if you slide off the road and become stranded, your troubles are just beginning. With 3-degree weather and no winter gear or heating source, it takes just minutes for hypothermia to set in.

The weather is forcing everything to slow down, this also means emergency response. So if you go out please understand that if you have a wreck or become stranded you will be there longer than expected. Whatever you decide to do please do so with safety in mind.

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