Caleb Huett, Assistant Chief flight instructor in the Commercial Aviation Flight Department, has been named Alumni of the Year at Ozarka College. Caleb holds an associate of applied science degree in Aviation-Commercial Pilot, and has served as a full-time certified flight instructor in the same program. He was recently promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, having demonstrated exceptional airmanship, leadership ability and sound judgment.

Caleb has proven to be a very dedicated professional both in and outside of the cockpit. We have placed great trust in his abilities and are fortunate that he serves in this vital role at Ozarka,” said Dr. Richard Dawe, Ozarka College president.

“I have assisted with Caleb’s aviation training since he started Ozarka College as a flight student.  I noticed within the first few flight lessons how skilled Caleb’s flying ability was and the determination he had to learn.  For the next two years I had the privilege of mentoring and watching Caleb evolve into the aviator he has become. “ said John Catlett, Aviation Division Chair and Director. “Caleb had an opportunity to become a full-time flight instructor for Ozarka College in February of 2020.  Since then, he has done an excellent job and has been promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.”

Huett was an outstanding student prior to becoming an Ozarka flight instructor, receiving many select scholarships as a student. Ozarka is quite proud of his selection as our Alumni of the Year!

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