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Forschler faces multiple felonies

Matthew Dale Forschler, 48, of Thayer was arrested and is facing multiple felony charges of child molestation in the fourth degree, a class E felony in the State of Missouri.

According to court documents recently filed in Oregon County Missouri, the charges follow a series of incidents beginning July of 2017 and reoccurring multiple times over the course of the next three years for at least one victim.

The documents state on Feb. 11, 2021, Hanna Smith, a victim advocate with the Oregon County Prosecutor’s Office contacted Investigator Sargent Stephen Biffle of the Thayer Police Department.

Smith stated on the week of Feb. 3, she had met with a victim regarding the charge against Forschler for a sexual crime.

Smith stated the child had told her she had been a victim of Forschler’s in the past and more recently, so had another juvenile female.

On multiple occasions, the victim stated Forschler had touched her inappropriately and made inappropriate comments regarding her physical development.

“…This happened nearly every day for three years,” the documents state.

On more than one occasion, when the victim informed her mother of the incidents, she was told by Forschler he was “just joking”, additionally telling the victims they “don’t take jokes very well”.

The victim stated if it happened again, she would tell someone outside of the family so the incidents would stop.

As indicated by case notes in the report, an open case for the same type of charge was current against Forschler.

Following investigations into the allegations by both the Child Advocacy Center, polygraph tests by the Missouri State Police, and other law enforcement agencies including the Thayer Police Department the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney proceeded with charges.

As a result, Forschler has been charged with three counts of child molestation in the fourth degree, a class E felony in the State of Missouri.

In a separate case, Forschler faces a charge of sexual abuse in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor.

Although the offense was similar in nature, the charges stem from offenses against a separate victim.

During a forensic interview with the Child Advocacy Center, the second victim stated she felt unable to confront Forschler and at times would act like she was sleeping to prevent further touching.

The victim “said she knew she had to find a way to stop this from happening”.

The second victim also spoke to an adult about the incident but felt her voice had gone unheard.

During a polygraph July 15, 2020 Biffle was advised by MSGT. W. Wiedmann that Forschler had show an intent to deceive.

Biffle stated during his interview with Forschler he was told on one occasion Forschler had been asked to rub the victims back.

He stated he was not initially sexually aroused but later stated he began touching inappropriately and knew it was wrong.

Forschler then voluntarily stated on one occasion when waking the victim, he had seen the child partially clothed.

He then became aroused and stood there looking at the child before putting the covers back over her.

He further stated he sometimes becomes aroused when “thinking about the memory of the victim’s half nude body.”

After further questioning about the nature of Forschler’s private life, prosecution saw fit to charge Forschler with sexual abuse in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor.

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