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Charges filed in Taylor murder case

Two arrests have been made in connection of the murder of a Fulton County woman. 

In July of 2022,  the Arkansas State Police were asked to investigate the murder of 57-year-old Kristy Marie Taylor, who was also an employee of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department. 

Taylor’s body was found July 9, in the driveway of her home at 3012 Fawnwood Road southwest of Salem, just before 6 PM. Taylor was the victim of a gunshot wound. 

Investigators arrested 49-year-old Harvey John Taylor on the evening of Jan. 23 at a home in Fulton County and he has since been transported to Baxter County for holding. 

Warrants have been issued for both Taylor and Thomas G. Sanches who are charged with murder in the first degree.

Bond for both has been set at $1 million. 

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Lauren Siebert
Lauren Siebert
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