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Barker Funeral Home lost in fire

“We will rebuild”, said Kimberly Barker following the devastating news Barker Funeral Home in Salem had burned down July 9.

In a social media post, Barker said the news of the loss of their business has left herself and her husband, Steve, heartbroken, however; despite their loss, they are still here to serve the community.

“We would greatly appreciate some prayers. We will still be able to conduct business, please don’t hesitate to call Steve or I if you need anything,” Barker said.

The public is asked to please stay away from the parking lots at the funeral home as they will be roped off.

The Barker family have been heavily involved in the Fulton County community and have served in multiple capacities.

Since 1993, the Barkers have provided funeral services, helping families in some of the toughest times.

We will continue to follow this story and provide information as it becomes available.

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Lauren Siebert
Lauren Siebert
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