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Ash Flat Library creates new attraction in Sharp County

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend time with your child or grandchild and unplug from the digital world, the Ash Flat Library has created a Story Walk located at the Ash Flat Ballpark.

According to Library Manager Susan Funnell, after receiving grant funding from the American Rescue Plan for Arkansas Public Libraries, she and other keepers of the library began to try to think of creative ways to engage with the public.

“The grant was for $1,088 and we tried to think of something that could be part of covid relief and also get people involved with the library so they could still enjoy it if they had concerns about covid,” Funnell said.

The story walk spans the loop of the park near the walking trail and there are several stations, each with a page of the book.

“There is a starting arrow, and it goes around the park. The arrow tells you which way to go and so when you start walking, as you come to each pole, you’ll be reading a page of the book,” Funnell said. “This month’s book is The Old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves.”

In order to read the whole book, readers must complete the path, enjoying the benefits of a leisurely walk as well as a story along the way.
“We encourage people to come out and read the book. Get your children and grandchildren involved,” Funnell said. “We’re hoping it will be a big success and we will continue to do it for as long as people enjoy it.”

Next month’s book will be A Charlie Brown Christmas.

If you happen to visit the Story Walk and enjoy it, please let the Ash Flat Library know!

Whether by phone or social media on the Ash Flat Library’s Facebook page.

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