Analysis of Google search data reveals that Arkansas residents experienced the most issues with the national AT&T network outage.


The finding by no deposit bonus codes guide reveals that Arkansas residents experienced the most widespread issues compared to other states. Researchers determined which states were most-affected by calculating the search interest for six related queries per capita in each state. Arkansas topped results with the highest search interest score of 495 out of 600.


Arkansas had the most searches per population for the terms ‘ATT down,’ ‘ATT outage,’ and ‘network outage.’ The state also ranked in the top five for ‘ATT SOS’ and ‘iPhone SOS’ queries and ninth for ‘ATT network down.’


Kentucky has the second-highest number of help queries per population, with Google data showing residents are searching ‘ATT SOS’ more than any other state and second for three other searches.


According to Google data, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Indiana are states that experienced the third to fifth most significant outage issues.


West Virginia and Louisiana topped national searches for ‘ATT network down’ and ‘iPhone SOS,’ respectively.


Online searches for ‘Cancel ATT’ spiked 567% in the United States on Feb 22, as the telecommunications giant’s network experienced a national outage. That’s an increase of over six times the average volume as the tech company’s service went down across the country.


Over 291,000 AT&T users reported outages between 3.30 a.m. and 6.50 a.m. ET, according to data from


At the same time, US Google searches for ‘ATT customer service’ and ‘why is my phone in SOS mode’ skyrocketed by 5,782% and 16,566% as customers found out they would be affected. That’s an increase of over 58 times the volume for AT&T customer help.


Verizon, T-Mobile, and UScellular users also reported problems with their service.


Mason Jones, Marketing Director for “It’s not only frustrating when cell service goes down, but also potentially dangerous. When an outage like this happens, users may be unable to reach emergency services, which can cause chaos. It can be bad for a telecoms business when their service goes down, and we’re seeing a staggering rise in users searching to ditch their provider for another. Situations like this can tip the scale, especially when dissatisfied customers are on the fence about switching.”

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